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New Products Available!

We are super excited to announce that our new Mozzie products are now available on Amazon!!! Please go and check out our new Mozzie Jackets and Hats. Some of the areas we were particularly focused on during the design phase were: Light and comfortable enough to wear (even when it’s 102 degrees and humid). Varied levels of coverage…

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What’s on YOUR Wish List?

We’ve been working diligently over the last several months to develop a new set of options for women everywhere who are looking for chemical free and attractive clothing that also blocks mosquitoes. We are making some headway and can’t wait to reveal the new products that will be available this Spring! Of course, Mozzie scarves…

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Mozzie Style in the News

It’s been a challenge to get noticed in such a busy market. We’ve been working hard to get the out that Mozzie Scarves are available and super convenient. We have a ton of gratitude to a few news groups that picked up our story early on in our journey. A big thanks to: NOLA – Zika-fighting…

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