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Mozzie Style in the News

It’s been a challenge to get noticed in such a busy market. We’ve been working hard to get the out that Mozzie Scarves are available and super convenient. We have a ton of gratitude to a few news groups that picked up our story early on in our journey. A big thanks to: NOLA – Zika-fighting…

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Looking for a Unique Gift?

Looking for a unique and useful gift for the pregnant women or the adventurous travelers in your life? The Mozzie scarf is reasonably priced, unique, versatile, and practical. There are currently 11 different patterns and colors available on! Many travel bloggers have requested information and ordered a scarf because they are so practical. The…

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New Items Coming Soon!

We are working hard on new designs and ideas in our quest for fashionable and practical clothing that blocks mosquitoes. Stay tuned for more information!

Real People

Since we used some beautiful models in our original Mozzie Scarf photo shoot, we thought we would share some pictures of REAL people wearing one. We know when you are trying to buy something online, you always wonder “how much of that is Photoshopped?” or “How would that really look on me?”. Hope this helps…

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Mozzie Scarves Now on Amazon!

It’s official! Mozzie Scarves are now exclusively available on This has been a great move for us as now we can offer Amazon Prime customers FREE 2-day shipping. We hope that it will make buying a Mozzie Scarf easier than ever! Keep an eye out for sales.

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