When news of the Zika Virus started trickling in from Brazil and Mexico, we started looking for lightweight mosquito repellent clothing. We wanted to find something that was comfortable, breathable, insecticide-free, and attractive to wear on vacation and for other outdoor activities. After a lot of searching, we couldn’t find what we were looking for! The only options we could find were in olive green or camouflage and they were very stiff and scratchy. The items available were in men’s sizes and were marketed to those that hunt, fish, or go hiking.

So, we decided to build a few products just for women to help them battle mosquitoes and other bugs while on the go. After months of drawing out ideas, cutting and sewing, and looking for the right materials – the Mozzie line was born! We developed new products that are soft, comfortable, and multi-functional including the Mozzie jacket and a series of Mozzie hats.

It’s been a great experience so far and we are having a lot of fun designing and developing new options for outdoor living! Now there are comfortable, attractive, and lightweight options for women that like to garden, are trying to dodge all those flying bugs at the kids’ soccer or baseball game, who like to golf, or just to want something to wear while walking the dog or sitting on the porch on a summer evening.

Here’s one of our new hats! The hats can be worn on their own or with the included mosquito net. The net is made of super soft material and features a drawstring ribbon (that matches the hat) so you can keep those pesky mosquitoes from flying around your face and neck. The netting is also matte black so it is easy to see through even in the bright sun. We have several options available from wide floppy beach hats to smaller brimmed cotton hats. Great for traveling, hiking, gardening or even hunting!



This is our latest Mozzie Jacket. It’s very lightweight and made of soft materials. We tried to keep in mind that where there are mosquitoes, there’s also heat and humidity! So, this jacket was made to be breathable and comfortable even when you don’t want to add layers. These work great with a t-shirt underneath. The jacket zips up the front and includes a hood and a Mozzie no-see-um face net (the same one as the Mozzie Scarf) to give you another layer of protection from the top of your head to your waistline. The lightweight material makes these easy to pack or throw in your purse. Take one of these on your next trip to the lake, hiking, baseball game, or even just hanging out on the front porch.


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