“This scarf is really beautifully colored and of high quality. Pleasantly surprised! Looking forward to walking with my husband tonight without the viscous mosquitoes and gnats.”Janey
“I had a bug net that I wore for years for gardening. It was camouflage green and ugly. This scarf does the same thing but manages to feel cooler and isn’t as itchy around the neckline. I can also see better through the screen in the sun – it’s less reflective or something. Great for my needs and I’m no longer embarrassed if the neighbors see me!”Veronica
“Just found out I’m pregnant and with Zika around, I’m not taking any chances! I ordered this blue/grey scarf a few weeks ago and I’ve worn it almost every day. I’ve gotten really good at putting it up and back down going in and out of the house. It’s over 100 degrees and muggy, but the material is lightweight enough not to bother me too much. I’m wearing long sleeves, long pants and this scarf. So far, no mosquito bites! I’m going to order another color soon.”Neeta
“This is such a cool idea and I can’t wait to wear this scarf on my trip to the Virgin Islands next week. It’s comfortable and I can actually see with the screen down which is more than I can say about other head nets I’ve tried. The colors are really bright and colorful and it drapes nicely. Thanks Mozzie!”Mel
“And well executed. The fabric is nice and soft. The netting is attached so that its not confining. I’m going to be camping out in an area that is full of mosquitoes and flies. Now I’m not worried about having them in my face.”Deborah


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