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New Items Coming Soon!

We are working hard on new designs and ideas in our quest for fashionable and practical clothing that blocks mosquitoes. Stay tuned for more information!

Mosquito Festival

Here we come Clute, Texas! We are getting ready to attend the Great Texas Mosquito Festival from July 28-30. We stumbled across this event and what could be more perfect for the Mozzie Scarf? This is their 35th Year! The festival has grown tremendously, attracting some 13,000 plus visitors over the three-day event. We are…

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We Are Live!

We are excited to finally launch Mozzie!  It has been a crazy journey, but fun too! We worked some long hours to get the Mozzie Scarves developed and ready for sale before the weather warmed up and the mosquitoes really started getting thick. We can definitely say that we learned a lot in the process.…

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