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Mozzie Style Boxes

We are excited to finally launch Mozzie!  It has been a crazy journey, but fun too! We worked some long hours to get the Mozzie Scarves developed and ready for sale before the weather warmed up and the mosquitoes really started getting thick. We can definitely say that we learned a lot in the process.

Product development is hard…even if you have a concrete idea to start with. We are all moms with full time jobs, so scheduling was a challenge right from the beginning. With two of us having little ones, we rotated houses, dodging toddlers, moving pins from reaching hands, and salvaging parts (that went straight to the mouth). The teenagers were cheerful enough about trying on the scarves in the beginning, but they quickly tired of this and we received a lot of eye rolls and groans.

Our overall goal is to help travelers and pregnant women who are in areas that require continuous bug coverage. Seriously, who wants to put bug spray on their face – especially when you are are pregnant and a little queasy? We wondered how women who were in areas with mosquito borne diseases were coping – especially those who are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant. Were they worried? Did they just sit under a bug net all day? Did they douse themselves hourly with bug spray? These questions kept us up at night and drove us all forward at super speed.

There have been times that we were all ready to give up, and times that we laughed so hard we cried. But so far, the journey has been fun and we are glad we had the opportunity to do this together. Please don’t keep this news to yourself! Visit us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter and share the news with your friends about the new Mozzie scarf!

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