Mozzie Style

A Bug Jacket for Every Outdoor Adventure

Mozzie Gear was created out of the idea that you should be able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the bugs. When news of the Zika Virus first started trickling in from Brazil and Mexico, we started looking for lightweight mosquito repellent clothing. We wanted to find something that was comfortable, breathable, insecticide-free, and attractive to wear on vacation and for other outdoor activities. After a lot of searching, we couldn’t find what we were looking for! The only options we could find were in olive green or camouflage and they were very stiff and scratchy. The items available were in men’s sizes and were made specifically for hunters. Great for hunting season, not so much for sidelines of our kids’ sports games.

So, we decided to build a few products to help repel mosquitoes and ticks while on the go. After months of drawing out ideas, cutting and sewing, and looking for the right materials – the Mozzie line was born!

We are regularly working on making Mozzie gear better. The Mozzie Jacket is made of a very lightweight no-see-um grade mesh. We tried to keep in mind that where there are mosquitoes and ticks, there’s also heat and humidity! So, this jacket was made to be breathable and comfortable even when you don’t want to add layers. They work great with a t-shirt underneath! This jacket also gets super soft when you wash it. The lightweight material makes these jackets easy to pack or throw in your backpack or purse. Plus they are snag resistant AND machine washable so you don’t have to worry about being careful.

Mozzie jackets and hats are made to be a comfortable, attractive, and lightweight option for those who garden, hike, fish, golf, or just to want something to wear while walking the dog or sitting on the porch on a summer evening.

How Are These Jackets Different From All The Rest?

Mozzie jackets are made with white mesh to repel mosquitoes. The fabric is unique in that it holds it’s form to maintain a gap between the netting and your skin. It is made of genuine no-see-um grade mesh so even the tiniest bugs are thwarted. Both the men’s and the women’s jackets are made with the softest of materials that are conveniently machine washable (especially since they are white!). The ribbed knit cuffs keep insects from flying up the sleeves and up under the jacket.

But, the biggest difference is that it is that all our products are insecticide-free. Many bug jackets and head nets are treated with pesticides like permethrin. While we are passionate about finding ways to block dangerous insects, these pesticides also kill bees, the world’s most important pollinator of food crops.