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I love, love this jacket! Am so pleased that the mesh is as reported and it will be great against no see-ums!

S. Pennington

Just used this in a deep woods. Worked great and looks good too!  

R. Wigley

This jacket is very well made and it's actually quite cute! Much more attractive than the mosquito protective clothing out there and it works!!!

L. Cunningham

No-See-Um Grade Netting

Insecticide Free, Bee Friendly

Soft and Comfortable

Durable and Snag Resistant


Mozzie Jackets

With new unisex sizing and front pockets, this jacket is available in sizes XS-2XL.


Bug-Out Blankets

These versatile blankets feature built in wires to help form a protective bubble from mosquitoes.

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Insecticide Free

An all natural barrier against bugs. It works just like a screen porch, but you can take it with you! 

Comfortable Even When It's Hot

When it's hot and buggy outside, the last thing you want to do is add layers. But, this gear is lightweight and sheer. You can still feel the breeze through it!

High Quality Netting

Genuine no-see-um grade netting blocks even those little gnats you can't see. It's also snag resistant so you don't have to be careful.

How It Works

Mozzie gear is made with white mesh to repel mosquitoes. The fabric is unique in that it holds it’s form to maintain a gap between the netting and your skin. It is made of genuine no-see-um grade mesh so even the tiniest bugs are thwarted.

Many bug nets products are treated with pesticides like permethrin. While we are passionate about finding ways to block dangerous insects, these pesticides also kill bees, the world’s most important pollinator of food crops.

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