Our Story

Mozzie Style started in 2016 with just one product and has since expanded to include a line of Mozzie Gear that appeals to both avid outdoors folks, and those that like to occasionally dip their toe in the great outdoors. 

The idea was born when we were looking for mosquito net gear that was stylish enough to wear on vacation. But, when we couldn't find any options at all for women (let alone stylish options), we got out our old sewing machines and designed something for ourselves. While we are glad we aren't doing the sewing anymore, we still love to design and develop effective mosquito net gear for everyday people who just want to enjoy the great outdoors. 

Our name "Mozzie" comes from the Australian slang word for mosquito. Those Aussies sure make mosquitoes sound cool!

Why is it insecticide-free? Experts originally recommended that we treat our products with Permethrin. This was the trend back in 2016 and it was considered safe for humans, so we thought that it certainly couldn't hurt in the fight against mosquitoes! We donned our rubber gloves and respirator masks and started dipping that first batch of products and hanging them to dry on a clothes line in the backyard. We came out 20 minutes later to find several dead bees and a butterfly on the ground below the products. We were horrified! We weren't aware that Permethrin killed ALL insects and that bees were especially susceptible. We decided then and there that we would work hard to create products that do not need insecticides in order to be effective against mosquitoes. 

We follow the latest news and studies to better understand the challenges faced by pollinators, beneficial insects, and the delicate balance of our natural environment. We have become avid supporters of the “Save the Bees” movement and the fight against pesticides that kill a lot more than just mosquitoes. Recent studies have found that mosquitoes are evolving to be resistant to Permethrin and other overused pesticides. It is up to each of us to protect pollinators and ultimately, our food source. You can be proud to wear and use your insecticide-free Mozzie Gear on all your outdoor adventures knowing that you are helping to protect beneficial insects everywhere!

Several of our product ideas have come from people just like you! So please reach out to us if you have an idea or think we should change something - we would love to hear from you.


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