Mosquito net clothing and gear has been around for over 100 years. This traditional gear is typically used by outdoorsmen for hunting and it comes in olive green or camo colors to help you blend into the deep woods. But, would anyone want to wear this gear on vacation or even to their kid’s baseball game? Definitely not.

Mozzie Style features the only mosquito net gear made for everyday life. This gear is fashion forward, lightweight and breathable. Ready to be worn/used for all kinds of regular outdoor activities like gardening, golfing, camping, outdoor concerts, beach/pool side, kayaking, soccer games and more.

Our gear made with an ultra-fine mesh which naturally blocks a variety of insects including biting gnats/midges/noseeums, mosquitoes, sand flies, black flies, ticks and more.

Mozzie Style’s products are insecticide/pesticide free, most are made with 100% recycled materials, and it's all machine washable.

Company FAQs

Over 700,000 people died of vector-borne diseases in 2020. While mosquito net clothing and gear has been available for the hunters and fishermen for generations, these options are not exactly something you’d want to wear to your kid’s soccer game. This is why we have created a line of stylish and comfortable mosquito net gear that can be worn for almost any outdoor activity.

Since our launch in 2016, we’ve helped thousands of people protect themselves from mosquito bites while enjoying their favorite outdoor activities like gardening, camping, or just sitting on the back porch. 

Our name was derived from the Australia slang word for mosquitoes: Mozzie. We sell Mozzie Style gear online via our e-commerce site, and with several retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

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