• When it Rains

    You get out your umbrella or your rain coat to protect you from getting wet.

  • When it Snows

    You pull out your winter coat and gloves to help keep you warm and dry.

  • When it's Hot and Buggy

    Consider this gear as a new option for keeping you bite free!

The Vision

We are striving to help reduce vector-borne illnesses worldwide by providing stylish and comfortable insect-blocking gear for everyday outdoor activities. Over 700 million people suffer from mosquito-borne illnesses alone and around 1 million people die every year. To solve a problem this big, there should be lots of options that can work together to tackle it.

This is a big issue and we built Mozzie gear to be a solution.

Our Journey

Mozzie Style began when the Zika virus emerged we were looking for mosquito net gear that was stylish enough to wear on vacation. But, when we couldn't find any options at all for women (let alone attractive options), we decided to roll up our sleeves and make our own! Our goal: to design products that are effective AND stylish.

We are intentional in our design process

We spent a lot of time in "a field of mosquitoes" testing all our prototypes, figuring out trouble areas, and learning which materials worked best. We don't offer a lot of products because all this takes time. But, when you buy from us you can be sure you are getting a quality product that is thoughtfully designed.

Designed from scratch

We design our products from scratch. This gear isn't just ordered in from overseas with our name on it. We design the products, develop the patterns, and create the tech packs. In the first few years we even sewed everything ourselves!

Prototypes galore!

We have boxes and boxes of prototypes! We may have to open a museum one day. It took us several years to get the right material, the right cut, and the right design. We are still working on it! Got a suggestion for a new product or design? We'd LOVE to hear from you!

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How It's Different

Mosquito net clothing and gear has been around for over 100 years. But, would want to wear on vacation or even to your kids baseball game? Probably not. It's made specifically for outdoorsmen for hunting and it comes in olive green or camo colors to help you blend into the deep woods. 

Mozzie Style's gear is for made for everyday folks doing everyday outdoor activities. Our ultra lightweight and breathable gear can be worn/used for all kinds of outdoor activities like gardening, golfing, camping, outdoor concerts, beach/pool side, kayaking, and more. We try to balance style with practical use to create products you will be comfortable in.

Insecticide-Free & Eco-Friendly

Experts originally recommended that we treat our products with Permethrin. This was pretty common in 2016 and it is considered safe for humans, so we thought that it certainly couldn't hurt in our fight against mosquitoes and ticks!

We donned our rubber gloves and respirator masks and started dipping that first batch of products and hanging them to dry on a clothesline in the backyard. We came out 20 minutes later to find several dead bees and a butterfly on the ground below the products. We weren't aware that Permethrin killed ALL insects on contact and that bees were especially susceptible! We decided then and there that we would work extra hard to create products that are insecticide-free and environmentally responsible.

All of our products are insecticide/pesticide free, most are made with recycled materials, and it's all washable/reusable. 

Our Name

Our company name comes from the Australian slang word for mosquito: "Mozzie".