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Can Ticks Fly? Debunking the Myth

It's a common question that often leads to a surprising revelation. Contrary to popular belief, ticks can't fly. But, they can do some other interesting things! 

They are Arachnids:
Ticks have eight legs and in the same family as spiders and scorpions. This distinction already sets them firmly on the ground. Several 

How Ticks Move:
Ticks are excellent crawlers, and their mode of transportation is crawling, not flying. They use their legs to navigate through their environment, seeking hosts for blood meals. They do climb quite well which is why you can sometimes find them hiding in you hair or behind your ear. It's not because they flew or jumped from a tree canopy. 

Questing Behavior:
Ticks engage in questing by extending their front legs and waiting for a suitable host to brush by. This behavior is essential for their survival, but it's a ground-level activity. They do crawl up low shrubs, bushes or blades of grass, for example, anchor themselves with the hind legs. They are not capable of jumping or leaping. In fact, many ticks are completely blind as they lack photo receptors. 

Why the Misconception?
The misconception about ticks flying might stem from their small size and the sudden appearance on a person or pet. Ticks are adept at finding hidden spots on the body, making it seem like they've appeared out of thin air. They also tend to hang out in shaded tree covered areas which makes this myth more plausible. 

Preventing Tick Bites:
Since we now know that ticks crawl, staying on well-trodden paths, avoiding tall grass, and using Mozzie Style clothing can significantly reduce the risk of tick encounters. So the next time you find a tick on your skin, remember, it didn't fly in.

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