Funny Names for Mosquitoes

Funny Names for Mosquitoes

Did you know that across the world the mosquito goes by other names? With an estimated 110 trillion mosquitoes on the planet, we've had over 100 million years to come up with some creative names for them. Here are a few of our favorite mosquito names:

  1. The State Bird 
  2. Skeeter 
  3. Nipper
  4. Ankle Biters
  5. Zanzara
  6. Mozzie
  7. Swamp Angel
  8. Maringouin
  9. The World's Deadliest Animal
  10. Drill Bug
  11. Bloodsucker
  12. Little Fly
  13. Mean Buzzer
  14. Dirty Needles
  15. Bloodsucking Itch-Meisters

We love all of these! What do you call them in your neck of the woods?

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We call them little sh*ts as we are waving and smacking at em.


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