Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of the emails we receive are similar, so hopefully the answers below will help save you some time. 

How quickly will I get my order?

We typically process orders in 2-3 days. From there, it's all about the shipping option you select. When you check out, it will show you the cost and the length of time it will take to receive it. 

I need more information on the Mozzie Jacket sizes.

Shopping online for clothing is so challenging! Since moving to Unisex sizing, the jackets tend to run big for women, and small for men. So, we recommend ordering one size smaller than you would normally wear for women, and one size larger than you would normally wear for men. They are made to be baggy as that creates more of an air barrier between your skin and the bug net material. If it doesn't fit, don't worry - you can still return/exchange it for another size. Here's our return policy. Please email us if you need a specific measurement and we'd be glad to help!


Does the Mozzie Hat work with noseeums?

The Mozzie Style Hat is made with mosquito-grade mesh only. We've tested lots of bug net materials to find one that has good visibility and is not scratchy around the neck. But, we are still searching for a material that is noseeum grade that meets those requirements. For now, this hat is great for black flies and mosquitoes! 

How do I reach you?

You can contact us directly by mail at: Mozzie Style, P.O. Box 6114, Norman, OK 73070 or by email at