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Stylish, lightweight, and comfortable mosquito net gear for all your outdoor activities.

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I LOVE these mosquito jackets!! I have worn this in the 95 degree heat while fixing up our home and stuffed the pockets with phone and tools and nails and washed it and ITS AMAZING!! EVERYONE NEEDS THIS JACKET!!

M. Cobb

My joy is being in nature. My reaction to mosquito bites had made this impossible until I found Mozzie Style. I first ordered the blanket and loved it. I could sit outside during the morning and evening with no bites. I loved it so much, I ordered the jacket and pants so now I can be active and be outside. These clothes are making such a difference for me.

D. Inman

Wore my full suit in the garden for 3 hours today and not 1 bite! Oh I heard them but they couldn’t bite. Totally has changed my gardening experience- joy! I’m sure I’ll be wearing it for many things not just gardening I live in Mn. and I think our state bird is a mosquito!

A. Krapu

This jacket is very well made and it's actually quite cute! Much more attractive than the mosquito protective clothing out there and it works!!!

L. Cunningham

I have the jacket, hat, and blanket and I haven't gotten any mosquito bites while wearing them!! I'm extremely allergic, so finding a product that actually works is so amazing for me! I've worn them all over the place while traveling and they work great. I love that it's light weight and can wear them in super hot climates.

E. Gross

Just used this in a deep woods. Worked great and looks good too!  

R. Wigley

Awesome products! Have been incredibly helpful and work so well here in buggy Florida! Love Mozzie!

K. Vlah

Can't get while protected from the Minnesota mosquitoes at dusk time at the lake or walking the woods.

C. Lindabaur

I was able to walk in the woods in a t-shirt and shorts at dusk in the forest WITHOUT one bite!!! I could use 4-6” longer on the top to cover my lower back better. Perhaps offer a Tall version.

G. Czaplewski

Very Fine Mesh Keeps Mosquitoes Off

Insecticide Free Design

Stylish Enough to Wear Anywhere

Lightweight and Breathable for Hot Humid Weather


Mosquito Net Jacket

With new unisex sizing and front pockets, this jacket is available in sizes XS-2XL.


Mosquito Net Blanket

These versatile blankets feature built in wiring to help form a protective bubble from mosquitoes.

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Insecticide Free

An all natural barrier against bugs. It works just like a screen porch, but you can take it with you! 

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Comfortable Even When It's Hot

When it's hot and buggy outside, the last thing you want to do is add layers. But, this gear is lightweight and sheer. You can still feel the breeze through it!

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Mosquito Net Gear for Every Day Activities

Wear and use Mozzie Gear at all your outdoor activities from your kids baseball game, hiking your favorite trail, or camping with friends. 

How It Works

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