How Mozzie Gear Works

Mozzie Gear is uniquely designed to maintain a gap of air between the mesh fabric and your skin. We also use a very fine mesh fabric (noseeum grade) that keeps the bugs from being able to fly or crawl through the holes of the fabric. This combination keeps the bugs away from you to avoid bites.

Why is the fabric white?

Mozzie Gear is made with white mesh to repel mosquitoes and other insects. White clothing is known to repel just about all insects including mosquitoes. According to The New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station at Rutgers University, dark colors will attract mosquitoes. Dark colors trap carbon dioxide from the body, which mosquitoes love.

It's the great outdoors and it's inevitable that you are going to get a little dirty. To make up for the fact that it's white, we made sure to make the wearables machine washable.

Why is it insecticide free?

Most mosquito net clothing on the market today is treated with insecticides like permethrin. While we are passionate about finding ways to prevent bug bites, most of these chemicals also kill good insects like bees and butterflies on contact. Without insect pollination, many food plants that we grow in our gardens or on local farms cannot complete the pollination process and therefore, will not produce fruits or vegetables. 

Chemical pesticides have been used for many years to control mosquito populations. However, mosquitoes have fought back by evolving resistance to many pesticides. There are now thousands of instances of evolved resistance, which make some chemical classes completely ineffective. With this in mind, we develop products that work just as well without the insecticides and sprays. We feel that over time, a more natural way of blocking mosquitoes, ticks and other bugs will gain popularity as we try to avoid harmful chemicals that may affect our personal and environmental health. 

 Here's a view of the Mozzie Gear jacket in the field: 




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