About Mozzie Style

Mozzie Style started in 2016 with just one product and has since expanded to include a line of gear that appeals to both avid outdoors folks, and those that like to occasionally dip their toe in the great outdoors.

Over 700 million people suffer from mosquito-borne illness and around 1 million people die every year. Our mission is to reduce mosquito-borne illnesses worldwide by providing stylish and comfortable mosquito net gear for every day outdoor activities.

Our Story

It all began when we were looking for mosquito net gear that was stylish enough to wear on vacation. But, when we couldn't find any options at all for women (let alone attractive options), we decided to roll up our sleeves and give it a try! We wanted to design products that were effective AND stylish. 

Our first and maybe biggest challenge was finding the right material. It had to be durable, snag resistant and hardy enough to withstand daily use/washing. It also had to be breathable so you could wear it hot and humid climates. It took us a long time, but it was worth it! Our unique fabric was recently tested by an insect scientist at Oklahoma State University and was found to significantly reduce the likelihood of mosquito bites. It was also found to be just as effective as a long sleeve shirt, but far more breathable. Check out the official statements from the test on our How It Works page.

Why It's Insecticide-Free

Experts originally recommended that we treat our products with Permethrin. This was the trend back in 2016 and it was considered safe for humans, so we thought that it certainly couldn't hurt in the fight against mosquitoes! We donned our rubber gloves and respirator masks and started dipping that first batch of products and hanging them to dry on a clothes line in the backyard. We came out 20 minutes later to find several dead bees and a butterfly on the ground below the products. We weren't aware that Permethrin killed ALL insects on contact and that bees were especially susceptible. We decided then and there that we would work hard to create products that do not need insecticides in order to be effective against mosquitoes. Ironically, recent studies are now finding that mosquitoes are evolving to be resistant to Permethrin and other overused pesticides. 

Most competing brands with attractive mosquito gear use permethrin to treat their clothing in order to repel mosquitoes. The remaining insecticide-free options are made for specifically for hunting and fishing. These products are made of a plastic mesh that is available in olive green or camo to help you blend in the deep woods. Mozzie Style gear is for everyone else who loves the outdoors. You can wear/use it for all your other outdoor activities like hiking, gardening, camping and climbing. We design every product to be effective, stylish, and free of insecticides/pesticides.

We take the responsibility to protect pollinators and ultimately, our food source seriously. You can be proud to wear and use your insecticide-free Mozzie Gear on all your outdoor adventures knowing that you are helping to protect beneficial insects everywhere!

Our Name

Our company name comes from the Australian slang word for mosquito "Mozzie".