Where do the bugs go in the winter?

Where do the bugs go in the winter?

Wondering what happens to those pesky mosquitoes and other insects in the middle of winter? Mosquitoes and other bugs have different ways of surviving the winter depending on the species and the climate. Many mosquito species will enter a state of diapause, a type of hibernation, in which their metabolism slows down and they do not grow or reproduce. Some mosquitoes will survive the winter as adults, while others will survive as eggs, larvae or pupae.

In cold climates, adult mosquitoes will die off in winter due to freezing temperatures. But in warmer climates, where the temperature doesn't drop to freezing, mosquitoes survive in places like underground burrows, caves, or underground water sources. Other bugs such as ladybugs, stink bugs, and boxelder bugs will often seek shelter in buildings, under leaves or rocks, or in other protected areas. Some species will even migrate to warmer climates or hibernate underground.

It's worth noting that not all insects have the same way of dealing with the winter. Some will die, some will hibernate, some will migrate, and some will lay eggs that will survive the winter. With the climate change, the timing and duration of winter, and the temperatures in different regions, is making it harder to predict the behavior of many bugs in the winter. 

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